‘To Suggest & Serve’ – The Use Of AI In eCommerce Product Recommendations

Robert Hazeleger
‘To Suggest & Serve’ – The Use Of AI In eCommerce Product Recommendations

When it comes to online shopping, having too many choices often seems daunting and confusing. In reality, buyers need help in the process of buying and they need suggestions – product recommendations – and AI is already lending a hand.

While product recommendations are not a new feature – they’re common in most eCommerce websites – up until now, most companies have implemented this feature manually based on customer data.

But now, with the help of AI and machine learning, automation is completely possible.

A Useful Feature

One of the things that makes the online shopping experience more interesting for buyers is the variety of products available. When they have a wide selection of different products to choose from, people can spend hours shopping.

But in efforts to close the sale and add shortcuts to the customer journey, the marketplace displays similar products to the ones you’re viewing: products that were purchased by other customers who were also interested in the same item.

However, the way sites curated these involved a tedious manual process – using a product management section in the backend system.

But thanks to a new suite of AI solutions – such as Google’s Recommendations AI – eRetailers can earn even more customers’ trust and loyalty by proving how well they understand them.

Benefits Of AI Personalised Recommendations

Recommendations AI collects and processes user data, training machine learning models automatically, and delivering personalised recommendations to the customers based on their tastes and preferences.

Using this solution, retailers can even match similar products and create bundles for customers. Implementing an AI personalised product recommendation into an eCommerce website can be useful for both parties – consumers and retailers.

There are so many benefits:

  • Better user experience – Customers can enjoy browsing through different products based on their search intent instead of browsing through different categories and unrelated products.
  • Easier decision making – Getting a suggestion for a certain product or a bundle can help customers decide what they need.
  • Customised recommendations – Customers will be more likely to buy more products when they get product recommendations tailored to their needs.
  • Increased conversion rate – Reminding your customers what they need may urge them to buy more products.
  • Customer Acquisition – This solution can bring you new customers who haven’t visited this page before and it would be able to automatically predict customer preferences.

How can Cursum Help in the Process?

The best part of the AI personalised recommendation solution is that you don’t have to set it up on your own. As a certified Google partner the team here at Cursum can help you set it up on your eCommerce website.

They are here to walk you through all the steps – writing the script and adding it to your website or providing a recommendation service that they can feed with data using Google Cloud as an infrastructure.

To find out more about the Product Recommendation Service, contact the team at Cursum today.