Project Click & Collect 2.0 – Intertoys

Robert Hazeleger

Intertoys Click & Collect 2.0

News Update – Recently our customer ‘Intertoys’ celebrated the go-live of project ‘Click & Collect 2.0’

Together with our long-standing customer Intertoys, we had the pleasure to develop their new online project. The concept of Click & Collect, pick-up in store or omnichannel uses multiple keywords, pointing to similar solutions. These might not be the latest buzzwords in the Gartner hype cycle anymore but still make commercial sense for many businesses.

What makes this ‘2.0’ for Intertoys?
As a result of the latest project deliverables, the pick-up journey already starts on the product page. Based on the location of the customer, their favourite store or account address, multiple surrounding stores are shown on the product detail page. A store can then be selected as a location to pick up an order within 1 hour from purchase. The customer preferences are leading and real-time inventory insights are supporting these processes.

Items that are not in stock in the central warehouse, but only in local stores are made available for online ordering.
When multiple items are added to the basket, delivery options will be merged and verified and the most customer friendly delivery possible will be chosen or proposed. As a result of this project, delivery will become more decentralized, inventory management & logistics will be more efficient and store traffic will increase.

To have a conversation with us about Click & Collect or Click & Pickup so you like, get in touch today!

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Project Click & Collect 2.0 - Intertoys
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Project Click & Collect 2.0 - Intertoys
Recently our customer ‘Intertoys’ celebrated the go-live of project 'Click & Collect 2.0'
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