Expert e-commerce collaboration can be a game changer for your business.

Robert Hazeleger
Solve your e-commerce challenges with Cursum

Why Cursum?

Many business owners don’t consider all the minutia related to an online operation. As businesses grow, scalability becomes important, which means extending, integrating and maintaining your platform to keep your business flow healthy and your customers coming back. If all your ducks are not in a row, your customers will simply switch to a competitor who has it figured out. With the digitalization of business, Cursum came to life as a team of highly experienced IT professionals, working diligently on improving and redesigning e-commerce platforms for a variety of clients including fintech and retail. Through dedicated networking and admirable results, Cursum has been established as a trusted partner.

The market is constantly changing and we are changing with it. Smaller businesses are popping up and becoming successful but often struggle with online performance or e-commerce issues. Becoming profitable is tough, even under the best of circumstances, but if your platform constantly fails, it will never happen. Cursum adds value by ensuring a smooth operation and therefore improving your customer outcomes. Partnering with a team of offshore engineers and developers our costs are kept in check while quality is enhanced by colleagues who have significant experience in e-commerce. Our team in Bangalore slot seamlessly into our business model and our relationships are strong and trustworthy.

We have a passion for progress and success. Along with our technology partner HCL Software, we work with some of the leading brands in The Netherlands to help scale their platforms or to redesign technology stacks to be more efficient and up to date. We share our knowledge and experience by hosting and participating in webinars and hackathons, making sure we stay up to date and at the forefront of our industry. Partnering with technology leaders means we have access to the ‘best in business’ practices, keeping us on our toes and making our offering interesting and sustainable.

In addition to the mostly large-scale customers we now serve, we are open to helping and improving medium sized businesses with a personal approach to finding solutions to their digital concerns. The escalation in e-commerce over the last decade has shown us that businesses are relying more and more on technology solutions to make sure they stay competitive. Let us help you to digitalize your business and to stay relevant and competitive in the market.